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Floatation Therapy
Are you ready to experience a deep state of relaxation and serenity?

Floating is a wonderful way to deal with the stress and worry, muscles recovery, to rest, re-charge and escape the hustle and bustle of London’s busy lifestyle. It is scientifically proven to increase our mental and physical wellbeing in as little as an hour.

Some of the many physical & mental benefits of flotation therapy...
  1. General Wellbeing
  2. Creates experience of blissful, peaceful relaxation state for the whole body
  3. Reduces fatigue, tiredness and stress
  4. Energises, rejuvenates and revitalises
  5. Increases motivation, diminishes depression, anxiety and fear
  6. Eases sore muscles
  7. Highly recommended for general wellbeing
  8. Positive impact on the nervous system
  9. Rest after physical exertion
  10. Improves sleep
  1. Physical Benefits
  2. Decreases the production of cortisol, ACTH, lactic acid and adrenaline
  3. Increases production of endorphins
  4. Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery
  5. Relieves pain (arthritis, migraines, injuries and so on)
  6. Boosts immune function
  7. Improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients
  8. Helps prevent sports injuries, speeds healing process
  9. Improves athletic performance
  10. Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption

Highly recommended for all yogis, athletes, sport lovers and everyone who is looking after their well-being.

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Float Membership

  • 1 float per month
  • Addition floats for you £40
  • Unused floats valid for 3 months
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  • 575kg of EPSOM salt - a natural disinfectant
  • Two stage filtration to the size of a MICRON which is 1/100th of a human hair. This runs for 15 mins after each session & at various cycles when not in use
  • UV light in the pod itself destroys micro-organisms as it is a sanitation method in itself
  • Small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is present in the pod, H2O2 – is the safest disinfectant. This also breaks down in the water and is considered safer than Chlorine. (From Healthline)
  • Small amount of H2O2 with UV (both in the POD) – is a powerful combination for killing all sorts of germs
  • We use small amounts of H2O2 to clean contact points (leave in to soak in)
  • We use a Pressure Spray to clean all contact points (bell button, handle, entry/exit points and light button)
  • After each use the water line is brushed away and cleaned effectively
  • Frequent change of pod filters
  • Please avoid stimulants like caffeine on the day – this will help you to experience deeper relaxation.
  • Don’t shave/wax 2-3 days before the float - it can lead to irritation.
  • Please arrive 10 mins before your float begins to give our Float Guides time to give you a full walkthrough.
  • Please remove all jewellery before you enter the tank. It is also advisable to take out contact lenses. We keep a supply of solution at reception if you do not have your own.
  • Have a shower and rinse off.
  • Dry face and hands, put the ear plugs in (they mould to your ear), fit them "well in" as your ears are just below the water line.
  • If you have just shaved, waxed or have any cuts or scratches, dry the skin and then apply a thin layer of Vaseline to dry skin
  • As you climb into the floatation tank, please take time to familiarise yourself with the two buttons, one on the left for the light and one on the right for the attendant call.
  • You will also find a bottle of clean water in the tank, to be used in any instances of getting salt-water in your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Your brain is going to take a while to settle down and you will probably have a good "think" at first.
  • First 10 mins there will be music and then 50 Minutes of silence.
  • It is important to vacate the room within 10-15 minutes so we can prepare for the next customer.
The water in each pod contains half a tonne of Epsom salt, allowing you to float effortlessly. It matches the temperature of your skin and the air, giving you the feeling of complete weightlessness. It’s usually pitch black and silent in the pod too, unless you wish to have relaxing music, or the light on.
Free from sensory input, the muscular-skeletal system and sympathetic nervous system wind down into a state of deep relaxation and serenity, in which your body and mind can heal and replenish - resulting in many benefits, like reduced stress and better sleep.
A float lasts for 1 hour, with 10 minutes of ambient music at the beginning to help you relax – or longer if you request it. You have full control of opening and closing the pod, and of the light inside it.

Some float centres advise that floating should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy. This is based on the knowledge that the first trimester is when most miscarriages naturally occur. If a miscarriage were to coincidentally occur not long after a float session took place, accusations might be made.

Floating is a wonderful way to deal with the stress and worry of pregnancy. For many women, the first trimester is just as tough, if not tougher, than the third. Floating regularly could provide much needed relief.

We believe floating is safe for all stages of pregnancy, although we recommend that all mothers-to-be should speak with their midwife / health care professional about floating prior to taking their first float session.

Floating is very popular with pregnant women, particularly those in the third trimester who find the gravity- free environment of the float tank a much needed haven from the huge strain that the latter stages of pregnancy place on the body, even laying down on a bed or sofa can be extremely uncomfortable for pregnant women.

The super-saturated salt solution used in the floatation experience means that anyone can float effortlessly on the surface, with the whole body being entirely supported. Unless you are planning on a career with NASA, this is the only environment you will ever encounter where the debilitating effects of gravity are totally neutralised.

Our customer comments book shows that many of our pregnant customers note that their “passengers” seem to enjoy the floatation experience just as much as they do. Many expectant mums have testified that their babies seem to relax very quickly as soon as they have settled down into the float environment.

It is common for some new customers to be slightly apprehensive and even a little nervous before their first floatation session.

In the floatation pod you are not trapped nor obliged to stay in, if you don't like it you can always get out at any point. Once we explain this to our customers and they realise that are in control of the whole procedure their worries subside and they usually go on to float with the door closed and the light off. Both of these functions are controllable from within the tank.

The i-sopod floatation tank is actually larger than a small car and is much bigger than most customers imagine.

The great thing about the floatation experience is that once you get inside and lay back into the silky smooth solution and surrender yourself to the buoyancy it all starts to feel very luxurious and safe.

Also, somewhat perversely when you close the door and switch off the light you get a fantastic sense of space that is almost infinite and is the complete opposite to what a new customer might think it's like inside a float tank.