Yoga Hook Finchley

Situated behind North Finchley High Street at the corner of Tally Ho bus stop, we are often told it is a hidden gem in the area.

We are within walking distance of Woodside Park and West Finchley – Northern Line underground stations. We also serve the surrounding areas of Southgate and East Finchley.

The welcoming reception area, separate male and female showers and changing rooms plus a water station are some of the amenities at the studio.

2 Lambert Way, North Finchley, London, N12 9EP

020 8446 0949

07950 419106


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Frequently Asked Questions


I am a complete beginner what do I do?

Register with us, download our app, choose one of the two intro offers, book classes with the app and begin.

Why take an intro offer?

Intro offers are available to new customers only. Intro offers are designed to give you a taste of our classes, so you can experience and work out what times and classes will suit you. You can take this offer only once before buying any other packages. Please note, once you have bought a drop-in, you are not considered a new customer.

Which classes are suitable for complete beginners?

Classes with "Beginner", "Stretch", "Hatha", "Yin", "Pilates" and "Restorative" in the name are suitable for complete beginners. Hot yoga is a set sequence and is beginner friendly - just hot. Classes with "Flow" or "Vinyasa" - assume some basic knowledge of alignment of postures, so best to do them after 6-8 weeks of practice. For any class, that you are unsure about - consult the timetable and each of the class has a key for temperature and whether it is suitable for Beginners or not. If in doubt, contact us and we will guide you.

What do I do once the intro offer has expired?

Once the offer has expired, decide how many times you are likely to practice with us in a week and choose the pricing option that would be right for you. If you can only come once a week or fewer, choose either the Flexi Pass option or drop-in option. Monthly subscriptions give access to certain number of classes per month and are cheaper than Flexi Passes. There are options to pay in advance for a month or a year too.

Do you offer discount for first-timers or beginners?

Our intro offers are designed to give you a taster.

What do I need to bring and what should I wear?

You will need a mat for practice. We have limited mats available to borrow, however, in the interest of hygiene, we advise you to bring your own mat. Bring a bottle of water and also a mat towel for hot yoga. Wear suitable gym clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move and stretch in.

General Information

Who will be teaching?

Click on the teacher for the class you are interested in to learn about the teachers.

What are the different class styles?

In the timetable, you can click on the class description to learn about them.

Do you offer discounts to Seniors and Students?

We offer a 15% discount on our 5, 10 and 20 class flexi packs for OAPs and fill-time students (present a valid ID at the studio)

Can I fill up my water bottle in the studio?

Yes, we have a water station in our studio where you can fill up your bottle with filtered, cool water.

Do I need to bring any props?

Please bring a mat if you have one for hygiene reasons. We only have a small selection of mats that can be borrowed. Props such as bricks, blocks, bolsters and straps are provided at the studio.

What do different temperatures mean?

Hot yoga is between 33° an 37°, heated is between 23° and 27°.

What can I use the Gift card for?

Gift card can be redeemed against any of Yoga Hook's services including floatation, classes and products. Gift cards are valid for 12 months. To redeem the gift card, send us a message with the ID number and we will credit the gift card to your account.

Why buy monthly membership?

Monthly subscriptions give access to certain number of classes per month and are cheaper than Flexi Passes. They also attract money off % on events and products.

What do I expect from doing yoga

Why do hot yoga?

Hot yoga burns lots of calories, creates a cardiovascular boost and allows you to stretch more deeply. It can also improve circulation and skin quality as sweating can improve blood flow which helps deliver nutrients to the skin cells. Hot yoga is a great detox and allows you to go deeper in each posture. Due to the repetitive nature of the sequence, it is easier to get the hang of and see the improvements each week. Please bring a mat towel for Hot yoga.

Can I lose weight with yoga?

Yes, hot yoga and fitness classes with HIIT and fit in the name are designed to burn calories. If you have a good well balanced diet alongside it, you will lose weight.

Can I do yoga even if I am not flexible?

Yes, increasing flexibility is an outcome of yoga practice. You will overtime loosen up and become flexible by increasing space in your joints.

Can I become strong by doing yoga?

Yes, yoga is a balanced workout between strength and flexibility. Our active classes are designed to make you strong.

What age do I have to be do come and do yoga?

We welcome all ages and abilities. Based on your previous experience, we may point you in the direction of beginners classes, so you build up poses knowledge and body awareness.

Book and Pay

How do I pay for a class?

You can purchase packages from our website or through our app. Alternatively, you can pay in the studio with credit card only. We are a Cashless studio.

Do I need to book a Class in Advance?

We have a spacious studio, so it is normally fine to book last minute but we advise you to book in advance to avoid disappointment. It is a touch of a button to book classes using our app. Classes can be booked up to two weeks in advance.

Can I share classes with friends and families?

Our flexi-passes and monthly Sweet 6 can be shared with friends and family. To share the pass make sure the person you want to share your passes with is also registered and then send us an email message regarding sharing.

How do I cancel a booked class?

Simply cancel a booked class using our app. If you know you can't make the class, cancel as soon as, so someone in need of practice can take your spot. Please note, there is a 4 hours window for class cancellation.

Where To Find Us

Yoga Hook Finchley, 2 Lambert Way, North Finchley, London, N12 9EP

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